Michael J. Bergman, 1988, world-renowned musician and entertainer

Keith Bishop 1999, Highly decorated Army Staff Sergeant * 

Joseph Brandi, 1966, star athlete, high school teacher & coach,

Douglas Brode, 1961, Teacher, author

Matthew Campbell , 2001, Assistant Professor at West Virginia University

Christopher Cara, 2001, All-American lacrosse player

Katherine Wrinkle Ciparelli (2000): Cross-country & long-distance running champion

 Denise Jefferson-Casper 1986, Federal Judge  

Kevin Connolly 1992 , Actor, Director TV  & Film

Alma Custead , Head Librarian for the Patchogue Library *

Baron Degner, Administrator/Mentor *

Tylhor Dodd , 2005, radio personality; inspirational/motivational speaker

Edward Ellis 1982, Track & Field Champion

Anthony Famiglietti, 1996, Olympian 

Anthony Frascogna , 1986, PMHS Varsity Baseball coach & volunteer

Christine Goerke 1986, Opera Singer 

Nicholas Garone, 1998 , NYS wrestling champion 

Dr. Debra Judelson 1969, Cardiologist  

Danielle Kaise, 1998, All-star basketball 

Ed Lacinski 1976, Prolific audio producer/engineer and archivist

Michael Lauria , 1997, Highly successful restaurateur 

Kevin Lustig (1981): Scientist and entrepreneur  

NAVY (SEAL) LT Michael Murphy 1994 * 

Salvatore Nicosia, counselor, teacher, author

Denise Nostrom,1986, Entrepreneur, volunteer, coach 

 Bert Pollock, Teacher, Director, Mentor *  

Frank Provenzano, Teacher, Coach, Director *  

John Papanek 1969, Sports Illustrated & ESPN writer/ editor

   Mayor Paul Pontieri 1965, Innovative business leader

Nancy Bikoff Pettit 1971, US Ambassador  

Paul Regina 1974, Actor, Writer *

Michael Reilly 1977 *, U.S. Coast Guard  & Patchogue Fire Department First Responder

Robert Rightmire , teacher, music producer

Lynn Sadofsky ,1982,Television producer and executive

Sam Stahlman, coach & volunteer

Renee Felice Smith 2003, TV actress & director

Marcus Stroman 2009, decorated, athlete, MLB Professional

Dr. Burghardt Turner, Teacher *  

George Ulrich, Varsity coach and physical  education teacher




2016: 1977 Varsity Football Team
2017: 1997 Varsity Football Team, 

2017: Patchogue Fire Department Van Guard 40 Thieves Drill Team 

2018: 1980 Girls Varsity Bowling Team

2019: 1967 League II Champion Varsity Football Team.


2016: Dr. Randy Rusielewicz, Patchogue-Medford High School Principal 

2017: Tom Combs, Athletic Director, Patchogue-Medford Schools

2017: Jake Parris, Patchogue Fire Department 40 Thieves Captain 

2018: Cynthia Quinn*, teacher and coach
2018: Michael Lauria, 1997, volunteer and fundraiser


2016: Dr. Michael Hynes, Superintendent, Patchogue-Medford Schools 

2017: Mrs. Trish Graham, President, Patchogue-Medford SEPTA 

2018: Bob & Barbara Mongillo

2019: Francine M. Kosiczky

The Sean Patrick Dixon Hall Of Fame Raider Courage Award

2017: Sean Patrick Dixon

2018: Kaynen Peters

2019: Brian Ilg


  1. * Inducted posthumously
  2. The names in red are links to a Wikipedia biography.