Derric Rossy is an all-American boxer. He was born on July 2nd, 1980 in New York, United States. He started off playing football and only got interested in boxing to build muscle, but quickly fell in love with the sport. Derric states his biggest inspiration throughout his entire career has been his dad, who also was an amateur boxer, and told Derric not to go into boxing because it wasn’t worth the injuries or time, but of course, he disobeyed his wishes.

Derric Rossy went to Patchogue Medford High School where he started off as one of the greatest football players to ever walk the halls of the school. He was the winner of the Hansen Award, two-time All-Country and all-State player. He led his team to the Long Island Championship before going to college at Big East power Boston College. Derric even stated that they reason his team won the championship was the team chemistry, and said it was the key to a successful team. He gained a degree in Human Development at Lynch School of Education. Rossy played all over the field and had dreams of becoming a professional football player. But once, Derric went to a boxing gym to lose weight in order to become a linebacker, but sparked an interest in the sport known as Street Science. Rossy turned his focus onto boxing and got a manager named Al Gavin. With the help of Al, Rossy won the Golden Gloves in 2004, and went professional shortly after. Months later, Rossy knocked out Ronald Bellamy, the current holder of the World Boxing Foundation International heavyweight title, which was his first pro belt. He followed the footsteps of a former heavy weight champion who was supposed to train with monks by completely changing his training aspect. He trained in the Shaolin Monastery in China which helped him understand the sport more and helped him become a better fighter. He lived off the grid for six months in China, eating less, not using a proper restroom, no electricity, and resetting his fighting aspect. Rossy started training in Martial Arts, self-defense, and more exercise technique, along with changing his diet to prepare for a match against Ray Mercer for the World Boxing Organization, North American Boxing Organization championship bout in Marco, which Derric won by unanimous decision.

Rossy’s professional career lasted from 2004-2017 while being awarded many awards such as the International Boxing Federation North American Heavy Weight Title, two-time United States National Boxing Council, Heavy Weight Title, two-time Central American Boxing Federation Heavy Weight Title, Asian Boxing Council Heavy Weight Title, North American Boxing Organization Heavy Title, two- time World Boxing Foundation International Heavy Title, and a two-time United States New York State Heavy Weight Title. With the years of intense experience in boxing, Rossy is considered an educator with his skills and is certified to work with individuals to improve on all skill sets. Derric Rossy has participated in forty-four total fights, thirty-one of the matches were victorious, and fourteen knock-outs in his entire career. It is unknown of what Rossy is busying himself with today, but he has returned to live in Long Island, back to where it all started.