Mission and Vision

The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.

Throughout the history of the Patchogue-Medford School District, thousands of students have performed admirably, in a variety of activities. Their performance in the classroom, on the playing fields, on stage, in the lab room and in the community have helped foster both Patchogue-Medford Pride and being ”Raider Strong.” The Patchogue-Medford Hall of Fame recognizes those graduates, staff members and community volunteers who have contributed to the development of our children, through academic, athletic and extra-curricular programs.

The Patchogue-Medford Hall of Fame looks to bring our community together, in a common interest, promoting “Pride in what we do.” The Hall of Fame will recognize and honor those Patchogue-Medford graduates, who not only made a positive impact on their classmates, while attending Patchogue Medford High School, but continue to have a positive effect and influence on the communities they are now a part of.

The vision of the Patchogue-Medford Hall of Fame is to link the Patchogue-Medford School District’s Whole Child approach by funding a state-of-the-art display atrium and interactive learning center, to be erected and maintained at a prominent area at the Patchogue-Medford High School.

The design will provide a variety of learning options and will be made accessible to all students within the eleven schools throughout the district, in addition to the Patchogue-Medford Public Library. Computerized and virtual learning stations will be available so that students can explore a variety of interest in various fields (i.e.: journalism, career options and choices, arts, music, sports, etc.) whereby students will be exposed to mentoring by Hall of Fame inductee alumni, that have succeeded in the field the student is considering, offering a ground-breaking approach while pushing for Multiple Pathways to diplomas.

Students will learn about the mission of the Hall of Fame, while gaining an appreciation for those individuals and teams that have been inducted into the Hall in addition to those businesses, organizations and individuals who have helped to promote the Hall of Fame project.

The Organization

Manny Felouzis (’69)
Tom Combs
Dr. Randy Rusielewicz
Harry Farides (’69)
Larry Roberts

Manny Felouzis (’69) President
Harry Farides (’69) 1st Vice-President & Treasurer
Dr. Randy Rusielewicz, 2nd Vice-President
Dr. Gail Shafer Recording Secretary
Marc A. Negrin, Assistant To The President

Timothy Bigotti (’84)
Dr. George Ciresi (’97)
Kathy Daly
Dena Giacobbie-Laupheimer (’95)
Beverly Jefferson
Gary Schaefer (’68)
Thomas Cheshire 

Past Trustees
Marie Pontieri-Feltman (’65)
Pamela Wright (’65)
John Papanek (’69)
Dennis Logan (’78)
Anthony O’Brien (’84)


Pamela Petersen (’86) Chair
Garrett Camanzo
Lisa Chimenti
Sarah Daly
Matthew DeMarco
Linda Martino Schaefer (’69)
Rose Marie Musso Maher (’71)
Kelly McGovern Worontsoff (’92)
Zibrim Banse

Tara Benedict Cataldo, Chair (’94) 
Fran Kosiczky
Michael Lauria (’97)
Nora Franzese
Nate Brinkman, Liaison
Diana Andrade
Peggy Cohen Felouzis (’69)
Jean Felouzis Gutman (74)
Jackie Poccia

Marc Negrin, Chair
Tim Trava
Anthony Cracco, Liason
Anthony Frascogna (’84).
Kim Russo Bigotti (’94)
Keith Hofmann
Sari Liddell
Mick Greco (’92)
Nick Clemente 

Gary Schaefer (’68), Chair
Tara Benedict Cataldo
Chryse Ciresi Sacco (’96)
Linda Martino Schaefer (’69)
Nicole Gruter
Manny Felouzis (’69)
Dr. Gail Shafer
Fran Kosiczky
Kathy Daly
Sari Liddell
Megan Space
Jackie Poccia
Reagen Sweda-Abrescia 

Tom Cheshire, Chair 
Harry Farides 
Lori Stratton 
Scott Stratton

Matt Bragg (’96)
Megan Felouzis-Bragg (’96)
Richard Petersen
Raegan Sweda-Abrescia (’97)
Thomas Quinn
Anastasia Stratton (2022)
Carolyn Walsh
Megan Space 

Rose Marie Musso Maher, Chair (’71)
Tom Cheshire Co-Chair
Pamela Berger Petersen (’84)
Manny Felouzis
Harry Farides (’69)
Kathy Daly
Dena Laupheimer
Tara Benedict Cataldo (’95)
Chryse Ciresi Sacco (’96)
Jean Felouzis Gutman (’74)
Tim Trava (’00)
Michele Lamartina 

Dr. George Ciresi 
Dena Giacobbe Laupheimer (’95)
Harry Farides (’69)

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Ray Ruiz, Chair
Ann Emrick (’83)
Al Pickford (’72)
Dr. Kevin Lustig (’81)
Dr. Cindy Buckmaster (’83)

Dinner Committee    Pam Petersen, Chair Harry Rossis, Chair (’87) Lori Stratton (’90) Scott Stratton Rich Petersen Michele Lamartina Lisa Chimenti Sara Daly Kim Biggoti Kelly Worontsoff

Dinner Reception Committee   
Rose Marie Maher, Chair
Dena Laupheimer
Nancy Goldfader
Beverly Jefferson
Kathy Daly
Gail Schaefer
Maria Heiferon 

Harry Farides (’69)

Patchogue-Medford Hall of fame

Is a 501(C)(3) organization. Prospective supporters and advertisers are invited to call 631-317-3041