Class of 2025 Application Deadline is October 1, 2024

Nomination Applications are available online or on our Facebook page. Applications can also be requested by contacting us at 631-317-3041.  Once an application is received by the Hall of Fame, members of the HOF Processing Committee will review the application, to ensure all required materials are present in the document. If any piece of required documentation is missing, the committee will notify the President of the HOF, who will then contact the person who submitted the nomination application and inform said person that the application is incomplete and will not be sent to the appropriate nominating selection committee until the HOF receives that material.

Starting with Nominations for the 2017 Class of Inductees to the PMHOFBC, all applications for induction will run through one of three, community-based committees of the Hall of Fame Booster Club. Each committee will have a chairperson and be staffed by volunteers from the community at large. The three committees are designed to address potential nominees, based on three categories: Sports; Music, Fine Arts and Entertainment; and the General Committee. This third category will address applications from all fields not covered by the first two committees. Each committee will then submit their selections to the Board of Trustees, who will then ensure no nominee has in any way, brought dishonor to themselves, which then could have a negative effect on the Hall of Fame, Patchogue-Medford School District or the communities as well.

The PMHOFBC also has a category which will recognize the accomplishments of teams (not just sports) and will induct a group in this category, yearly, if one is nominated. There will also be consideration given to those nominees who do not meet the criteria for induction, due to extreme conditions that prevented the individual from meeting the set criteria.

The PMHOFBC therefore will be looking to the community, school district personnel and local service organizations including Fire Departments, Veterans organizations and others, to not only provide the Hall of Fame Committees with potential candidates, but with supporting documentation to help foster one’s candidacy for induction.

Starting in August of 2018, a new committee was formed to address the issue of possible candidates who, for a number of reasons, do not have anyone living who may be able to complete a nomination application of said individual or team. This special nominating committee, to be known as the Heritage Selection Committee, chaired by one of the Hall of Fame Trustees, is charged with researching individuals who meet the criteria for nomination consideration and will act in the following method:

  • Identify an individual who merits consideration and explore why that person should be considered, when it appears to the committee that there is no person or persons available to make this nomination. The committee will amass information regarding that individual and pass that recommendation onto the Hall of Fame Trustees who then review said application and evaluate the nominee’s application for selection.
  • Identify an individual who merits consideration and explore the possibility of locating someone who can then complete the application process, on behalf of the nominee recommended by the Special Selection Committee. Once the application is submitted by an individual or group, said application will be passed onto the appropriate selection committee.
  • Nominee Application

    Nominator fills out the form available online or by request before the deadline. 

  • Nomination Processed

    A completed form is reviewed by the processing committee. 

  • Committee review & recommedation

     The applications are reviewed and voted upon by the committee domain specialist.

  • Board of trustees

    review the committee recommendations to ensure nominee demonstrates the qualities that merit recognition in the PMHOF.

  • Award

    Nominator and nominee is notified; biography is added to the Hall of Fame Roster.