A graduate of the Class of 2002, Christopher Creevy has achieved success in a career that first took root while he was still a Patchogue-Medford student. What began with Christopher’s passion for creating lighting design schemes for school musical productions has propelled him toward the heights of the industry where he now regularly works with some of the most accomplished lighting designers, directors and performers in professional theater. But one attribute that sets Christopher apart from many of the other young professionals working in and around the New York City theater community is that, despite his exhausting work schedule, Christopher has returned – virtually every year since 2003 – to create and oversee the lighting design for each and every Patchogue-Medford musical production.

To say Chris is tireless is an understatement. About a week before each show’s opening, Chris arrives with trucks and a team of lighting installers who turn this very auditorium into a professional-grade theater. Not only does Chris run the lighting design, he also mentors students who share the kinds of interests that he had here at Pat-Med teaching them about the artistry and nuance that lighting and stage design can add to a production. Chris has designed and installed many shows for local theatres, including Gateway Playhouse and the Smithtown Performing Arts Center, as well as Harlem’s famous Apollo Theater, Bryant Park, and the Global Citizens Concert in Central Park in 2018.

Told last year that his busy schedule would make it entirely okay if he needed to skip designing a Pat-Med show one year, Chris replied: “I’Il never say ‘no’ to you guys. This is where it all started.”