Tylhor Dodd (2005) Tylhor Dodd is a well-known San Diego, California radio personality, and also a highly successful and sought-out inspirational speaker and substance abuse counsellor who has helped reshape and restore hope to the lives of countless numbers of troubled youth and adults throughout the country. It took Dodd years of pain, struggle and effort to finally achieve his success.

As a child Dodd was, in his parents’ words, “a high-energy kid who definitely gave the teachers and administrators at Canaan Elementary a challenge.” He loved sports, baseball in particular, and would work long after organized practices and games with the help of a personal trainer, pitching and batting coaches. It took several years until Tylhor finally found salvation in a San Diego treatment center.

A key to his successful rehabilitation was his deeply felt empathy for other sufferers, and he became a highly sought-out speaker and advisor to individuals and groups all around San Diego. At the same time, Dodd studied broadcasting at a community college and worked his way up the ranks at Rock 105.3 where today, known as “Thor,” he co-hosts a popular morning show.

Tyhor returns often to Patchogue-Medford, solidly connecting with current students by recounting the many painful lessons of his life. He has also made amends with the many people who reached out to help him over his years of difficulty, beginning with his parents, Carri and Victor Dodd, who now reside in Florida.