Paul Regina, PMHS Class of 74, had an outstanding career as a television, film, and stage actorr. Born in Brooklyn in 1956, Paul moved to Medford with pail Regina, PMHS Class of 1974, had an outstanding career as tel his parents and four siblings, attended Barton Elementary and Saxton Middle school. An excellent student at Patchogue-Mecfford High School, he excelled as a gymnast but soon gave up the rings, parallel bars and floor mats for his fist love, the stage. As soon as he joined the PMHS Players’ Group, it was clear to everyone that Paul would surely fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a professional actor.

He did exactly that in 1976, when he made his professional debut beforc. his 20tn birthday in an off-Broadway production of The World of Shalom Afechem. He next joined a national touring company of the musical Grease, and later got to play the role of Kenickie on Broadway.

Paul was best known for his prolific and highly acclaimed¬† work on television. He broke in on the series Police Woman and followed with recurring roles on several hit shows, indluding LA Law, The Untouchables,¬† and Brothers, in which he played Cliff Waters, one of television’s first gay characters. Brothers ran on the Showtime network for five seasons. In all, Paul appeared in more than 30 made-for-television movies and series, including Benson, Hunter and Empty Nest.

Paul was also a successful writer. He co-wrote the screenplay for the 2001 film Marie with its director Fred Carpenter. He also co-wrote three other screenplays with Carpenter and others: Eddie Monrow (2006), Just like Joe (2008), and Jesse (2011).

During a career that spanned nearly 30 years, Paul never forgot where he came from.. He often returned to Patchogue-Medford to mentor students, and he organized a team of Holywood stars to play a charity softball game in Patchogue against a team of New York Islander hockey players. Pail also did volunteer work with Child Find, Inc. an organization that helps to prevent and resolve child abducton and family conflict.

After living in Hollywood for more than 20 years, Paul returned to Long Island m 1999 with his wile. Nancy Dye, and their daughter Nicolette. Sadly, Paul died of liver cancer on January 31, 2006. In addition to Nancy and Nicolette, Paul is also survived by his mother-, a brother, Pat and three sisters. Joyce Regina. Julie Schindler, and Christina Adam.

Paul’s biography can be found on Wikipedia.