Scholarship Award

The Scholarship is in the amount of $500.00. Here are the details and criteria:

  • Volunteered at numerous Patchogue-Medford Hall of Fame activities and events. Maintained an 80% or higher High School Grade Point Average
  • Participated in numerous school related activities, including any of the following: music, arts, sports, service clubs, school spirit activities, ROTC, Robotics, Virtual Enterprise, Corporate Raiders, PTSA events, Model UN, etc. .
  • Demonstrated active participation in community service projects/volunteerism.
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities (club officer, team captain, section leader, etc.)
  • Plans to pursue post-secondary education: 2 or 4-year college; trade/vocational school; Military service.
  • Exemplifies the qualities and character of someone who would be considered for Induction Into the Hall of Fame.

Scholarship Application Checklist

Student Activities Summary Sheet

 500 Word Essay (Topic provided on Application Sheet).

2 letters of Recommendation, focusing on the applicant’s character (one from a  Representative of the Patchogue-Medford School community; none from family members)