Scholarship Award

The  are 2 Scholarship awards, both in the amount of $500.

  1. Booster Club Scholarship
  2. Inductees Scholarship

 Here are the details and criteria:

  • Volunteered at numerous Patchogue-Medford Hall of Fame activities and events. Maintained an 80% or higher High School Grade Point Average
  • Participated in numerous school related activities, including any of the following: music, arts, sports, service clubs, school spirit activities, ROTC, Robotics, Virtual Enterprise, Corporate Raiders, PTSA events, Model UN, etc. .
  • Demonstrated active participation in community service projects/volunteerism.
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities (club officer, team captain, section leader, etc.)
  • Plans to pursue post-secondary education: 2 or 4-year college; trade/vocational school; Military service.
  • Exemplifies the qualities and character of someone who would be considered for Induction Into the Hall of Fame.
The Booster Club Scholarship award has the additional criteria:
  • Volunteered at a minimum of 2 Patchogue-Medford Hall of Fame activities and events.

Scholarship Application Checklist

Student Activities Summary Sheet

 500 Word Essay (Topic provided on Application Sheet).

2 letters of Recommendation, focusing on the applicant’s character (one from a  Representative of the Patchogue-Medford School community; none from family members)

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