"There is an expression frequently heard during a session of yoga:  “That the light that shines upon me, shines upon you.” That is truly the essence of what it means to be inducted into the Patchogue-Medford Hall of Fame.  For a brief moment the light does indeed shine upon the inductee. But once the ceremony is over, the spotlight shines upon a greater image: The Patchogue-Medford School community. Each member of the Hall of Fame and all those who have been nominated are pixels in the image of a school district and community that has nurtured in so many ways those who have been honored.  There lies hidden amongst the pixels a vast number of students, teachers, coaches, administrators and community members who have strived for excellence.  The force generated by the many has created the fertile environment that is the bedrock of the PM Hall of Fame." - Robert Rightmire (PMHF 2018)

"The Patchogue Medford Hall of Fame Organization is a vital part of our community's legacy and one everyone should invest in.  The Hall of Fame makes telling our history of excellence a priority, lifting up and recognizing individuals (and teams) who have positively impacted this community.  People, and their commitment to positively contribute to others, make the Patchogue Medford community a great place to live and grow.  It instills the idea in our future generations that excellence is the standard to live by.  I was honored to be embraced and celebrated as the 2017 Patchogue Medford Hall of Fame's Person of the Year."  -  Trish Graham (PMHOF 2017)