Class of 2016

The 1st Annual Induction Ceremony was held on Friday, May 6, 2016


Michael Murphy


Navy Seal Lt. and Congressional Medal of Honor and hero Michael Murphy (1994 Patchogue-Medford graduate) was a member of the National Honor Society, varsity football team, and a summer lifeguard at Lake Ronkonkomo.  After graduating from Penn State with degrees in political science and psychology, Michael turned down law school to join the Navy and become a SEAL.  Michael was killed in action in Afghanistan on June 27, 2005.  Michael Murphy is remembered with the greatest repect  and gratitude by his fellow SEALS, the Navy, and the entire nation.  On May 7, 2008 what would have been Michael's 32nd birthday, The Secretary of the Navy paid homage to Michael by naming it's newest destroyer the USS Michael Murphy . Michael's biography can be found on

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Nancy Bikoff Pettit


U.S. Ambassador Nancy Bikoff Pettit (1971 Patchogue-Medford graduate), was confirmed on June 24, 2015 by the US Senate as the US Ambassador to the Republic of Latvia. Prior to 2005, Ambassador Pettit served in numerous foreign assignments and appointments. She has a bachelor from Vassar College, and masters degree from University of Michigan and speaks Latvian, Russian, Ukranian, German, and Spanish. Nancy's biography can be found on

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W. Burghardt Turner


A 1960s-era civil rights leader, founder of Brookhaven branch of NAACP and maybe first African-American teacher (1960s) in the PM district, W. Burghardt Turner graduated cum laude in 1939 from Kentucky State College, where majored in history and sociology. After serving in the U.S. Army from 1942 to 1946, Turner returned to school to complete his master's in history at Columbia, but left doctoral school just shy of earning his Ph.D. to help support his family. Employment opportunities were scarce due to racial discrimination, but he eventually found a position as a elementary school teacher, and later as a professor at State University of New York at Stony Brook where Turner introduced courses in African-American history and chaired the President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity, and  went on to receive a honorary doctorate from Stony Brook.  W. Burghardt Turner passed away January 11, 2009 at the age of 93

Denise Jefferson Casper


The first female African-American federal judge in Massachusetts Denise Jefferson Casper (1986), served as student body president and a member of the National Honor Society while at Patchogue-Medford High School.  Judge Casper went to Wesleyan University (1990) and Harvard Law School (1994) and has served on numerous boards and philanthropies. In 2010, President Barak Obama nominated Denise Jefferson Casper to a federal judge on the U.S. District Counrt of Massachusetts.  For over a decade now, Judge Casper and her family have sponsored and funded the PMHS Jefferson Memorial Scholarship in honor of her late grandfather Leroy Jefferson (1928 Patchogue-Medford graduate), and her late father, Eugene Jefferson.  Denise's biography is documented on

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Marcus Stroman


Rising Major League Baseball pitching standout Marcus Stroman of the Toronto Blue Jays (2009), and one of the most decorated and successful high school athletes in Patchogue-Medford history.  After high school,  Stroman was drafted by the Washington Nationals but turned this  down to attend Duke University where he excelled and was named ACC Freshman of the Year and Louisville Slugger All-American.  Despite setbacks, Marcus  powered through,completed his degree, and in 2016 had two brilliant games in the Amerian League Division Series. A complete list of Marcus' accomplishments and awards are documented on

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Paul Pontieri


A lifelong resident of Patchogue Village,  Paul Pontieri (1965) was elected mayor in March 2004 after serving as village trustee for 11 years.  During his tenure as mayor, the Village of Patchogue underwent significant revitilization as a result of $450 million dollars in public and private investment.  In August 2009 Paul was appointed Deputy Brookhaven Town Supervisor for Economic Development, and went on to hold numerous other prestiges positions. Mayor Pontieri has been honored by the Long Island Housing Partnership for his accomplishments in the revitilization of downtown Patchogue and its commitment to providing affordable housing for its residents. This year the Suffolk County Planning Commission awarded it's first 'Village Innovation Award' to the Village of Patchogue.

Anthony Famiglietti


Two-time Olympic runner Anthony Famiglietti (1996), was born in Port Jefferson and grew up less than a half-mile from Patchogue-Medford High School.   Anthony's athletic ascension started in high school with two conference and county championships and New Your State Championship, and continued at the collegiate level at Tennessee where he attained all-conference  honors.   In 2000 he won the World University Games in China and went on to become a six-time U.S. Champion with wins in the steeplechase, 5K, 10K, and 15K, and has run some of the fastest time in U.S history.  Anthony lives in Mooresville, NC with his wife of eight years and their three year old son.  This spring will mark his final season as a professional. A complete list of Anthony's accomplishments and awards are documented on

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Renee Felice Smith


Renee graduated from PMHS with honors and was awarded the Frank A. Juzwiak Award as the outstanding senior member of the National Honor  Society.  While at PMHS, Renee participated in all school musicals, Spring Drama, band and choir, spring track and varsity cheerleading. Renee went on to NYU where she graduated with honors from Tisch School of the Arts where she studied, and served as entertainment desk anchor for NYU News and co-founded Tisch School of the Arts first student run dance troupe - Pulse Dance Project - which is still in existence today.  Renee is perhaps best known for her role in the television series NCIS. More recently she is executive producer and star in a short film - Baby - that premiered at South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas.  Renee's  filmography and biography are documented on

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Kevin Connolly


Director, Producer, and Actor Kevin Connolly (1992) , best known as "E", the savy manager Eric Murphy  of the HBO series Entourage, started his acting career early. At 6 Kevin was appearing in TV commerials and later as a  16-year old landed his first role as Chickie in Rocky V.  Kevin's  filmography and biography are documented on 

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John Papanek


As a student in high school, former Sports Illustrated and ESPN writer and editor John Papanek(1969), had two main passions - sports and writing   After graduating from PMHS, John went on to the University of Michagan, and took to writing for the esteemed Michagan Daily. Shortly after graduation, John was hired at Sports Illustrated.  While there, John conceived and produced Sports Illustrated Kids, a pioneering publication designed to combat literacy, and ultimately reaching more than 6 million readers per month.   In 2003, John was promoted to the editor-in chief of, and held that position until  his retirement in 2011. John  can be found playing jazz on tenor saxophone and lives happily ever after in NYC and Amagansett, L.I. with wife and prominent New York City theatrical producer Jackie Judd.


The 1997 Varsity Football Team

The 1997 Varsity Football Team finished the season with an 8-0 record and the league title.  Team members:Ted Brown , Frank Nieves, Paul Mazzola , Craig DeCarlo, Hector Machodo, Tony Mancuso , Rich Sanniola , Mike Maniacci , Bill Greer, Mark Kelskey, Jim Lum (mgr.) , John Mullee Rich Klarman , Pat Gilrane , Andy Coleman, Ed Donohoe, Tim Heaton , Darren Haverty, Bob Barretta , Eric Lukert, Pat Andrews, Scott Chamberlin, Pete Meyer, Carlos Zavals, Charles Smutko, (coach) Joe Baglio; back row . Coach Marty Hoctor, Tom Belligan , Carl Guyer, Phil Prosapio, Frank Massa , Frank Geraci, Willie Johnson , Pat Connaghan , Mark Koesterer, Rich Leach , Jim Still , Steve Orobello, Vin Lijoi, Dave Clemente, Al Stumpp, Cliff Wright , John Rymer , Jeff Cherry, Keith Steiger, and (coach) Ed Cinelli.

Person of the Year

Dr. Michael Hynes


Dr. Michael Hynes, Superintendent Patchogue-Medford School District has served as the superintendent of the Patchogue-Medford District since 2014.  Dr. Hynes received his PhD from Dowling College where he graduated with honors. A tireless organizer and participant, Dr. Hynes work and contributions to the challenges facing public education has earned Dr. Hynes the 2014 recipient of the 'Friends of Education Award'.  Dr. Hynes is a member of the NY State Council of School Superintendents and was recently recognized as a member of the  American Association of School Superintendents 2015-1026 Leadership Co

Induction Ceremony High School Student Volunteers


Tristan Amone

Katie Bullard

Cassandra Friedman

Zachary Hicks

Hailey Julian

Bailey Logan

Mark Manning 

Elizabeth Marge

Aimee Mullins

Dalton Rhodes

Lauren Sanchaez

Ushers/Support Crew

Meghan Callahan

Maria Calle

Julia Chan

Cassandra Friedman

Katherine Funiciello

Mary (Kim) Gubman

Alyssa Kaufmann

Victoria Lawrence

Samuel Leis

Ester Leite

Joanna Ma

Jessica Smith

Vocal Jazz Members


Samantha Rossi

Nicole Burch

Katie Bullard

Gianna Cuccia

Autumn Manes

Victoria Andrunik


Mr. Brian Reich


Jenna Fanelli

Nicole Kelly

Erin Winn

Cassie Friedman

Tori Lawrence

Amanda Zamora


Mike Heilig

Sam Leis

Anthony Salerno

Jordan Yates

Brandon Rocklein

Esteban Oveido


Mark Manning

Jack Pringle

Branden Elkins

Alex Wojtach

Alex Torres

Shaun Muller


Valerie Harrison, Soprano

Annie Rodriguez, Alto

Christian Guardino, Tenor

David Madden, Bass

Jazz Band

Guitar, Bass, Piano

Zachary Hicks, Guitar

Stella Wilkins, Bass

Steven Yun, Piano


Mr. Michael Rudnicki


Gerald Windus

Cameron Wustenhoff


Brian Roberts, Alto Saxophone 1

Jared Perez,  Alto Saxophone 1

Thomas Newham,  Alto Saxophone 2

Christopher Pannullo, Alto Saxophone 2

Michael Corso, Tenor Saxophone 1

James Fernandez, Tenor Saxophone 1

Haley Stone,Tenor Saxophone 2

Amelia Chesebro, Tenor Saxophone 2

Braden  Elkins, Baritone Saxophone


Joe Finn, Trombone 1

Andrew Scheiner, Trombone 2

Jena Finelli , Trombone 3

Constance Davis, Trombone 4

Mark Manning, Trombone 4


Paul Achenbach, Trumpet 1

Robert Tritch, Trumpet 1

Nick Craig, Trumpet 2

Mike Helig, Trumpet 2

Jessica Kennedy, Trumpet 3

Jilllian Leahy, Trumpet 3

Emily Caron, Trumpet 4

Jonathan Nolan, Trumpet 4

Chayse Martorelli, Trumpet 4

Thank you


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Brookhaven Town Ecology Site

Patchogue-Medford School District Board of Education

Music Department's Chorus, Mr Brian Reich

Music Department's Jazz Band, Mr. Michael Rudnicki

PMHS Advisors, Raegan Swweda-Abrescia & Nanch Goldfader

Dennis Logan, District Clerk PM Schools

Joesph Rettig, Architect BBS of Patchogue

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